Shift in Consciousness

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Shift in Consciousness

Having just completed the crash course - I am very impressed by how Chris has brought together  Economy , Energy and Environment. But I wonder if something has been missed - a shift in Consciousness. There is a wonderful quote (I think Einstein) that says the you can not solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. Fortunately along with the coming crises - there will be a shift in consciousness , when the sufficient awakened being come together to create a tipping point in the morphogenic field.

So I am concentrating my energies in raising consciousness - this can be through awareness of the coming crises (so well done Chris with this site) - but also by being more aware oneself - being present - like Tolle's New Earth or Arjuna's Awakening to Oneness.

Of course I have moved quite a bit of money into Gold so I can personally survive the coming financial collapse. But this is ony a temporary insurance policy -In my view the main emphasis is to raise consciousness.



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