Shale gas - huge potential ?

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Shale gas - huge potential ?


 "New reserves of gas extracted from rocks that lie much deeper than gas fields, have had a dramatic effect on the energy market in recent years. The global price of gas and oil have diverged for the first time, and the US is now a net gas exporter. Countries previously dependent on imports, such as Poland, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina, should become self-sufficient if they exploit their resources"

 "A surge in gas production and use may prove to be both the cheapest and most effective way to hasten the decarbonisation of the world economy, given the cost and land requirements of most renewables,"

 report here -


 quick quote from David Collum -

 ."I am particularly excited about natural gas-based equities. The logic is simple: there are gobs of natural gas, it is dirt cheap, and the equities act like dead money. I guess that needs a little explanation. You could learn a lot watching my dog catch squirrels. She quickly learned that you don't run at the squirrel; you run straight to the tree. The Wall Street guys won't invest unless they can make money today. They chase squirrels. As oil gets harder to get, eventually natural gas will start looking very attractive. To beat Wall Street, all you have to do is run to the tree. Natural-gas-based investments are cheap right now, but they may be an un-fracking-believable opportunity in the future."


 Now *if* plentiful cheap gas happens, we already have a good distribution system, all we need is a way of using it as a transport fuel...

 I doubt if a domestic gas-to-liquids process is feasible.. but maybe a facility per town ?

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Shale Gas - huge potential?

Those are some interesting reads.  Do you think Shale Gas really has a chance with the EPA unilaterally trying to eliminate hydraulic fracturing?  One of the articles said that hydraulic fracturing was the life-blood of Shale Gas plays and key to the production rates of the gas.

I do think shale gas has the potential to be a clean and abundant source of energy.  What we also need for it to work is the infrastructure in transportation to support natural gas for transportation and energy.  That scenario alone would create a plethora of jobs and greate a new industry to support it.

What we also need is for the Department of Interior to allow drilling on public lands to get to the shale gas.

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