Selling Gold to Europe

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Selling Gold to Europe

Any information on contacts, etc would be great.

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Re: Selling Gold to Europe

its because gold is not money. it pays no interest, and has been, and 
is today, a terrible investment. in a deflating economy, many are 
forced into selling assets that they way over paid for, to raise 
scarce cash to pay their bills. the idiot european conservatives have 
done it to themselves by purposely inducing deflation thru austerity. 
can't idiot conservatives ever learn?

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Europe is a common market,

Europe is a common market, each state has independant laws. That it is illegal to export gold from france without a permit. Usually state issued coinage attracts less official hassle than bullion.

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Gold Buyers welcomes gold

Gold Buyers welcomes gold sellers from within the European Union.More than 750 tonnes of gold are currently sitting in the state coffers of Portugal, Greece and Spain alone, equal to about 17 percent of the 2010 annual supply of bullion from mining and sales of scrap.

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