Sell the Crash Course on DVD--that's right, SELL.

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Sell the Crash Course on DVD--that's right, SELL.

I've heard people discussing ways to get the Crash Course to people with limited internet access.


One suggestion is to sell them in DVD bundles.  VCD would be more cost efficient, problem is I'm not sure how many new DVD players can read VCD format.

 A simple thin-style sleeve would suffice for packaging to additionally reduce cost.  No need for a full size DVD case.


On Chris's part, he could take orders for a couple weeks, and see what the aggregate demand looks like.  Based on that, he could find out how much per DVD it would cost because obviously there is an economy of scale at work.  Before they went into production, a downpayment for advance orders would be reasonable and people could order them in bundles of 5, 10, or more.  This of course would be a substantial amount of work on Chris' part, or anyone who helps him.  I would volunteer my time if there was anything I could do.  I'm finishing up my last year of college so my funds are limited, but my time isn't.


While I realize he's trying to keep the Crash Course free, the profits could help alleviate some of his financial overhead thereby reducing slightly the need for donations.


I know that I personally could hand out ten to people I know off the top of my head, given that the prices weren't too steep.


Just my .02. 

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Re: Sell the Crash Course on DVD--that's right, SELL.

I was thinking the same thing. I only have dial-up & cannot download a video in anywhere near a reasonable time (i.e. 5 minutes for 30 seconds of video!). I feel like I'm missing an important thing here! Although I attended Chris's course a couple years ago, it would be nice to have an updated recorded "full set" of lectures.

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Re: Sell the Crash Course on DVD--that's right, SELL.

I have friends with no internet including my parents - please sell me a DVD.


Thank you Chirs for your hard work!!  You've tied many of the things I know into a great course.  Do you ever come to Canada?

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Re: Sell the Crash Course on DVD--that's right, SELL.
Rest assured that we are working on a plan that will enable people to buy the Crash Course on DVD if they want to.  Stay tuned!

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