The "Secret" Knowledge of the Ages Revealed

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The "Secret" Knowledge of the Ages Revealed

Usury has been a cruel means of slavery through the ages and it enslaves us today.  This is the “secret” knowledge of the ages that is often referred to in cryptic terms.

It all comes down to how and who issues the money.  It always has.  The species of currency is at best, a secondary issue that is often used to obscure the truth.  David Astle explained this in “The Babylonian Woe” and I urge anyone interested in freedom and economics to read this book (available for free online).

Here is an excerpt:

“History over these last three thousand years particularly, has largely been the interweaving of both a witting, and an unwitting distortion of the truth, with all the inevitable consequences which have been expected and now are but a little way ahead.  Kings largely became the mouthpiece and sword arm of those semi-secret societies that controlled the material of money as its outward and visible symbols came to be restricted to gold, silver, and copper…

The fiat of the god in heaven which had been the decisive force behind that which brought about an equitable exchange, was replaced by the will of those classes controlling the undertones of civilization, leaders of the world of slave drivers, caravaneers, outcasts, and criminals generally, such as was to be discerned on the edges of the ancient city civilizations, and followed the trade routes between them…

The instrument of this will was precious metal, whose supply was controlled by the leaders of these classes through their control of the slave trade, since mining was rarely profitable in the case of the precious metals, except with slave labour, even after the development of hardened iron tools and efficient methods of smelting.

The power of these men, indifferent and alien to most cities as they were, relative to that power it was replacing, which was the will of the benevolent god of the city, had been made absolute by sowing in the minds of men over the thousands of years, the idea of such metals having a specially high value relative to other goods and services being offered for exchange; indeed that they were veritable store house of value.

The law of the ruler previously exercised towards the well being of the people in that they might live a good and honourable life accordingly became corrupted. It became merely a symbol raised before their gaze, in order that they might not look down and see the evil gnawing away at the roots of the Tree of Life itself, destroying all peace and goodness.

Nor could those semi-secret groups of persons be seen who so often were the sources of such evil. In their contemptuous indifference to the men of the state who found meaningfulness and tranquility through life lived in natural order under the law of the King, they constituted hidden force deeply inimical to the best interests of mankind.”

Mankind has been living in the financial dark ages for literally thousands of years under various forms of feudalism.  Communism, fascism, naziism, monopoly capitalism and socialism are just variations of feudalism.  The money power always rules supreme though it may be hidden behind the facade of monarchy, dictatorship or even a pretended representative government.

This knowledge can literally set us free if we understand and apply it to our current circumstance.  If there is to be a revolution, it will really be an awakening. 


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Tower of Babel

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Re: The "Secret" Knowledge of the Ages Revealed

 Thank you DrKrbyLuv ,     I am starting to study this  for  our school at home this week .  Great timing for me find your spot . I would have never thought to go as far back as Babel .   Worshiping the Golden calf  was where I was headed .   Hope I can understand it well enough to get it through to my kiddos .



 : (  both sites appear to be broken .

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Re: The "Secret" Knowledge of the Ages Revealed


Download it at

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