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Search functionality

I love this site but if there was one thing I would change it is the search function.  It is very hard to search old threads or posts.  You just end up with too many meaningless results.  There really should be an advanced search option where you could filter by things like thread names, phrases in posts, age of post, author, ....

It also might decrease thread creation if it was easier to find a relevant existing thread to add to.

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Adam Taggart
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Working on it

Hear you loud and clear on this, G211. 

Improvements for search - as well as a number of other important elements of the site - are very much actively in the works. The scope of these enhancements is quite substantial, so they won't be rolling out for several months yet. 

I hope you can be patient with us as we work through the summer to get them ready for release to the community. If you can, I think you'll like the results.


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Nice to Know

I think many would like the search function, thanks for the feedback Adam.  Why don't you let us know more about future improvements?

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