Scheduling Time to Worry

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Scheduling Time to Worry

I have discovered an effective way to deal with the worry that many of us carry around: schedule time to worry.  For example, you might decide to only worry about the future on weekdays from 1-2PM.  And then, give yourself a break during the rest of the time.

Regardless of what may be coming in the future, I want to enjoy life now, while still prudently planning for that future.

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Re: Scheduling Time to Worry

I was thinking about this tonite on the way home from watching my daughter in the marching band.  I feel like I can see the light at the end of tunnel.  Just not sure whether it is a train or a beautiful river valley at the other end.  Maybe some combo of both.


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Re: Scheduling Time to Worry

I worry all the time so I have no time left to scheduleLaughing....

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