Saving pod casts to my desktop

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Saving pod casts to my desktop

 My computer is a mac. IIRC I could save pod casts to my desk top. In my browser Safari the save function is greyed out. I can not drag it to the desktop. Is this a problem with my computer? Or with the current policies of



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 Control-click or right-click on the "Download/Play Podcast" link and then choose "Download Linked File" from the menu. Depending on your Safari configuation, the podcast will download to your Downloads Folder or desktop.

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 Jag is correct. I have

 Jag is correct. I have Lion and Safari. If you rename it or pay attention, you can FILE --- ADD TO LIBRARY in iTunes and keep it there. For me, this is almost exclusively used for the Mish weekly podcasts as I am subscribed to Featured Voices and they download automatically.

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