SARAH .........2012

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SARAH .........2012

well here we are we have anew messiah who will lead us out of the promised land oh i mean to the promised land.

for those of you who believe in such drivel. i offer not only my sympathies but a look into the future.

obama faces an impossible situation. we are insolvent, tax and spend policies will not help this situation.

our manufacturing base is decimated and whats left is on the way out the door. his choice for detroit? keep giving them 3- 5 billion a month or have tens of thousands out of work. honda and toyota are in little better shape. their cars are made here by american workers. they will be out of work as well.

we have the baby boomers retiring which will put social security and medicare on the chopping block.

 i   have stated here  in the past that if mccain was elected we would invade iran and if obama was elected he would use a more nuanced approach. he would immediately grab his kneepads and go to china. 

in any event i could go  on and on but most readers here know what is going to happen.

so if i am a republican i am licking my chops.

we just got rid of the old farts and we now have someone who can wink as america nods.

sarah palin is going to school in the way w. went to school in the 90's. she is being groomed to run in 2012. she and todd are going to have the best christmas ever.

in 2010 you will see a very different yet same sarah palin. she will be able to run circles around ms couric and mr gibson. she will have her lines memorized to perfection. she will be everywoman with a difference she will have a mission. she will have the consevative base in the palm of her hand. she will have an economy in total meltdown, with an electorate crying out for cheap oil, cheap goods from china and cheap money from the fed. and most of all she will not be a piece of fluff easily dismissed.

2012 is being handed to her on a silver platter and she will grab it with both hands.

or maybe not ............................maybe we will go to war with somebody......................anybody

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Re: SARAH .........2012
I think Romney will be the candidate... maybe he'll take a better prepared Sarah as his running mate.
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Oh Sarah


Sarah Palin, what can I say? Some of my friends think she's a real hottie. Some of the signs at her rallies say she's a hottie. Not a bad looking woman for her age. Wait a minute. She's a politician! Oh my god, are we going to start electing people for the way they look and not how smart or qualified they are? For now, I guess not. The people have spoken, and spoken in a majority fashion. Looks like America is not quite dumbed down enough to go for looks alone, because this girl has about as much political ability as a used eraser. Just when I thought it could not get any more ridiculous, it does.

Next we will have an election like American Idol, where we judge people by talent or no talent, and simply call in.





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Re: Oh Sarah

Thanks Krogoth,

I needed a laugh!  LOL.

All the best,


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Re: Oh Sarah

come on bro smart or qualified. you almost had me there.

romney has the appeal of a dead jellyfish washed up on the beach. the right wing radio heads are already pumping her up.

if mccain had been running as vp and sarah had been the numero uno the acceptance speech

would have been on the frozen tundra, under the northern lights while the bloodthirsty palin clan murdered moose and drank their blood. they have a finely honed sense of theatre up there.

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Re: Oh Sarah

Not for nothin', but at least on American Idol you have to perform on different levels and be judged on each as you go.  As it is now, all these dimwits are doing nothing but putting on a popularity show anyway - what's the diff?


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Re: Oh Sarah

[quote=krogoth]Sarah Palin, what can I say? ....this girl has about as much political ability as a used eraser. [/quote]

Actually, politics is the one thing she knows. She has been winning elections for a long time in Alaska, soon she will apply what she learned this time around at the national level and we will see her again, first in the Senate, and then running for President in 4 years. Hopefully the country won't fall for it, but the republican base seems to love her.


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