Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse

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Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse

Its very good:

Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse - Part 1


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Re: Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse

Perhaps the strongest point made in the video: the profits were privatized and the losses are being socialized.

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Re: Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse

I found his theory of the monetary system being backed by paper gold to be interesting.  Toward the beginning he was saying, take your money out of the bank and go buy something, car, house, something of value, gold.  But then he said that when they change the monetary system that they would exchange 1 current dollar with 1 "gold" dollar (for those of us in the Central Banks Controlled West) and that each one would be worth $10k (or something like that....really didn't make sense to me) but the barbarous relic (real gold) would still be worth only what it is today.  Why would he suggest taking your money out of the banks and to go buy something if we're going to be able to exchange 1 for 1?  And, why would you suggest that someone buy real gold when it's not going to go up in fiat value?  Strange.

I found the privatizing of profits and the socialization of debt to be profound.  It's what's happening right now and I'm mad as hell about it.  So should the rest of the mad as hell!

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