The Rout Is On?

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The Rout Is On?


I am member (not enrolled) and do not have the chance to read the insider posts from CM.  However, the intro which was put up yesterday, started with these words:

"The rout is on.  More market weakness lies dead ahead - unless the Fed reverses course, and soon."

I guess I am teased to read what the report really says, and am interested in CM's wording.  In all of my viewing of the crash course and in all of my listening to CM's podcasts, etc., I have been under the impression that the printing of money was a path that CM never really wanted to see.  Such measures are not good for an economy in the long term and hasten the demise of a currency.

Perhaps CM's wording is meant to peg a stock market down trend specifically on the mess we are in....the printing of money.  However, the words above, taken without more details, might lead one to believe the only way to prevent a market down turn is to KEEP printing money.  Again, from all of my reading and listening to CM, doing so is not a real solution.

I should point out I am a big CM fan.  His Crash Course helped me change some habits and purchasing decisions that will be healthy in the long term.  The way he presents information has given me the chance to think about the big picture in ways I never considered.  So I don't want my observation to be critical, I am just curious as to the wording.



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  I also don't have an


I also don't have an enrolled membership, would like to but don't trust credit card companies/banks and cannot pay cash from Europe.

However i read CM's website and blogs for signs. Presently the bathtub of money got bigger and bigger. Money is shifting like waves from one market to the other market.

Most likely the tap will be closed in June and water will go down the drain when all these banksters has to sell there assets (stock,bond,PM,) and so also all their speculative bets on almost everything. They will require dollars to pay back all their loans. This means their will be a shortage of dollars. This sign has been indicated by CM. The rest is almost a copy of 2008 when nobody takes a loan (less money again in the system) same between banks which does not trust each other.

This kind of movements will aways happen during summer holiday (something natural) and then in autumn (when the leaves falling from the tree) we will see the human effect. Panic with the public but also with bankers, gov and finally the FED.

This downturn in autumn will cause the FED to open the tap again and depending on how much will result in massive inflation. During the thinking time we will see politicians jumping up and down. Blame game between US and china. Congress ect.

The seriousness depends on the wild cards that will be pulled. Who could imagine QE I and 2, bailout ect. 


If you think to find a clear answer from CM you will fail. Nobody can predict but to be prepared.






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