A round of applause for Dr. Martenson...Thank You!

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A round of applause for Dr. Martenson...Thank You!

This is a space to show your appreciation for Dr. Martenson and team, and all the hard work that has been put into all that's being done. If any of you guys working so hard on this huge project are every feeling down or doubtful, there will be HUNDREDS of comments here commending all your efforts. There's nothing like sincere, positive feedback from people's lives you've touched to inspire and motivate. So let's all take a minute to pause and say thank you to Chris, Erik, and everyone else; not just for providing us with all this information and these resources, but for bringing us together in such a vibrant, civil, intellectual community. We tip our hats to you, kind sirs.

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Re: A round of applause for Dr. Martenson...Thank You!


Thanks for the ongoing analysis, as you say you can only read the data available!

A real wake up call.




btw for the American crew, the username is from a surfing wipeout i had 25 yrs ago :)

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Re: You've "done it" brilliantly Dr. Martenson!

For almost 30 years I have been seeking a simple way in laymen terms, to explain our monetary system and it's far reaching implications to clients, associates, business partners, workshop and seminar attendees. I could never quite pull it off and during these discussions, I would begin to see the "deer in the headlights" looks that confirmed I was losing and confusing my audience.

As one intimately involved in real estate and lending it was my duty to anticipate market trends and counsel accordingly.

Having identified the 'four run away trains' heading for the station of crisis early on, I was able to plan my own future in response to it several years ago, but could only provide recommendations for action that other's would follow by sheer 'reputation' alone.

Today, I sent the link to Dr. Martenson's CRASH COURSE to thousands of people within and without the industry. Those who grasp it and plan for their own futures accordingly may be saved from their own 'personal meltdown' because of it. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Martenson for his four year effort on the behalf of all of us.

In a word, the Crash Course is "brilliant'.



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