Robert Prechter: market update

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Robert Prechter: market update

Robert gives an update to the markets.

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Re: Robert Prechter: market update

Just saw this. Listened to this an hour ago. 

Mish Shedlock's interview this week on King World News is also outstanding. 

I think it's wonderful that in the blog media, hosts that have differing opinions from their guests can shut off the agenda, show decorum, and allow the opposing view a respectful and unharrassed medium to argue their point. 

Eric King is an inflationist. Prechter and Shedlock are definitive deflationists. But they're famously polite in their discussions. 

Won't see that on big time media, I'll say that. 

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Re: Robert Prechter: market update

Have you read or watched 5 tips of successful trade by Robert Prechter. Here is the video: . Though the tips are a little bit general but one can still point out very interesting issues.

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Re: Robert Prechter: market update

I think I've read that Prechter has a poor track record in predicting economic events, but I could be wrong.  Do you know what his track record is?

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Re: Robert Prechter: market update

he's been preaching deflation for years so he's been wrong for at least a decade but... eventually he will be right day...and it may be close at hand!

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Re: Robert Prechter: market update

Deflation back in force in housing... set to accelerate with interest rates climbing;

Gold and Silver back to shooting up as more people (across the world) decide to trade their crappy, ever devaluing green money for things shinier and longer lasting (in value).

As you say above NickDanger... a broken clock is right at least twice a day... and we may have future bouts of generalized deflation, but those will just be detours on the longer journey to loss of buying power for the dollar relative to the things we need.  Follow Prechter at your own risk.... he is simply a paper bug.  

Silver just broke 30... let's see if we can close North of 30 for the first time in recent history!    

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