Rise of World Trade Center Spurs a Retail Revival

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Rise of World Trade Center Spurs a Retail Revival


I'm posting this ridiculous article because I think its poignant.

The Freedom Tower is analogous to this country's mindset at this particular time.

As 1 World Trade Center starts to claim a place on the Lower Manhattan skyline, the area’s retail scene is beginning to revive, with landlords raising rents in anticipation of thousands of new office workers, tourists and residents, commercial real estate experts said.

Its been called cognitive dissonance:

The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance. They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

...People are biased to think of their choices as correct, despite any contrary evidence. This bias gives dissonance theory its predictive power, shedding light on otherwise puzzling irrational and destructive behavior.


IMO the entire 'ground zero' project has been ill conceived from the start. From an architectural stand point its design in anemic at best. If you really wanted to honor those that were killed then why not show some measure of sacrifice by not building anything on the foot print where the two towers stood? Not only would it be a memorial but it would show financial sacrifice showing that somethings can't be measured in money, but thats just my architectural rant.

The analogy is this. The team that was in charge of erecting this 'memorial' never has been able to get along. They have bickered over the smallest inane issues with no regard for the spirit of the project or for the cost that their bickering has resulted in. Its been nearly a decade and the focus of the project has shifted from those that died to creation of an edifice for those small few who are in charge of the project.

The final irony would be it's lack of completion due to a full economic collapse. Then it would truly be a monument to what this country has become.




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