Richmond Occupy defends Tea Party

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Richmond Occupy defends Tea Party

Occupy Protesters back Tea Party against city (Reuters)

After the city accused the Richmond Tea Party of being overdue on tax filings, Occupy Richmond issued a statement saying "it would not surprise us" if the move was "retaliation" for the Tea Party's criticism of Mayor Dwight Jones.

The Tea Party had previously charged Jones with applying city ordinances unequally to the benefit of Occupy Richmond in respect to its encampment in a downtown plaza.

The city eventually took action against Occupy Richmond, which is critical of alleged unfairness in the U.S. economic system, and earlier this week three Occupy members were reportedly ordered to pay fines after convictions on trespassing charges following an October police raid of the encampment.

"The Tea Party and Occupy movements disagree on many, many issues," Occupy Richmond's Thursday statement said. "This should not stop all Americans from proudly standing together against government abuses."


More on the story here, and here.

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farm is 45 minutes from downtown Richmond. gonna have to check out the second round of Occupy Richmond in person.

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 Occupy Wall Street and Tea

 Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party are at opposite ends of the spectrum. This is 1% propoganda. You are either againest the 1% or for the 99%. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than becoming a 1 percenter.

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I truly disagree

 The Occupy movement and the Tea Party have way more in common than either are willing to admit.  If they could just be more mature than congress and look at what they have in common they could fight their common enemy - too much corporate control of politics - and duke out the particulars of how the government will work AFTER they've turned it back into a functioning republic.


They should be able to recognize the commonalities and address those together.

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