Rich Text Formatting Toolbar (again)

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Rich Text Formatting Toolbar (again)

Dear webmaster,

I noticed yesterday the Rich Text Formatting Toolbar has reverted back to very few basic buttons, as it was several months ago. In the meantime, during a few months, we used to have much more formatting buttons (2 lines).

In particular, the "paste as text" is missing (again) which is very annoying.

Please give us back the extended Rich Text Formatting Toolbar Cry

FYI, I tested my usual/prefered browser: Apple Safari 4.0.3 under Mac OS X 10.4.11; AND also FireFox 3.5.2 under Mac OS X; AND also an old MSIE under Win2000. ALL exhibit the same problem.


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Re: Rich Text Formatting Toolbar (again)


We've never had as few buttons as we have right now.  The reason for the change is this thread.  We had many people express serious concerns about site performance, and needed to look at ways to reduce overhead.  One of the ways to accomplish this was make the rich text editor much more streamlined.  What you see is the result of those efforts.

However, this does not mean the extended toolbar is completely gone.  It does still exist for enrolled members on the site.  Enrolled members have the ability to choose from a basic toolbar and an extended toolbar using an Input format option below each text field.  I have re-enabled the "Paste as Text" and "Paste from Word" buttons for all registered users, since these do promote better formatting of forum posts and comments.  However I don't plan on adding any other buttons for non-enrolled members in the foreseeable future.

Website development is always a balance between functionality and performance, and I think we've struck a good balance by reducing the toolbar to the basic essentials while also giving enrolled members an extra benefit if they so wish to use it.


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