Rhode Island people

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Rhode Island people

I live in Rhode Island and would like to find like minded people who would like to invest time, materials, etc into creating a small farm/housing/hunting retreat.  This would not be for everyday living but a place to go if and when the shit hits the fan. These are some of my ideas.

Buy a 50 acre lot


Develop 30 acres into some form of farming/livestock area


Assign members 1-2 acre plots where they can build cabins/shelters for themselves and their families.


Each member would bring some special skill to the “community.”  One may be a wood worker, a mason, a machinist etc.  I know it’s a lofty idea and I am going to probably have to do it on my own but its worth trying to get others involved.  In the end we are going to have to develop relationships with others that have the skills that we lack, if we can start those relationships now all the better.


You can email me if interested.

[email protected]



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