Retirement Accounts Revisited

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Retirement Accounts Revisited

I'm still trying to decide the pros and cons of opening retirement accounts. I'm self employed, so I have the options of:

1. Roth IRA


3. Standard Brokerage Account

Where would you rather have liquid assets ? (beyond SHTF supplies, Physical PM's, etc.)

Right now, I'm thinking Roth is a good thing, because interest accumulates tax free, and considering the likely mega inflation coming, this is a big benefit. Putting additional money in a SEP is questionable vs. keeping it in a regular brokerage account. With an SEP, there are potential advantages of deferred taxes, though if taxes go up, maybe this is no benefit at all. I currently keep my liquid savings in a brokerage account, because I can do any thing I want with it. I can move it or withdraw it very quickly. With mega inflation I will end up paying a lot of taxes on capital gains assuming the markets inflate also. While I lose the short term tax advantage, I think maybe in the long run it is safer. What are your thoughts?

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