A Resource Based Economy

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A Resource Based Economy


Have you herad about a resource based economy idea by Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project?


If so, what are your thoughts on it? Thank you.

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Re: A Resource Based Economy


I am very familiar with a RBE.  It basically breaks down like this.  

Our current Monetary system has a specific structure, and that is Profit = scarcity, and inefficiency. It needs high turnover rates to maintain market share.  

ex. Why not make a muffler on a car last 50 years, instead of only 5 or 10?  The answer is, companies need a certain turnover rate to have this "cyclical consumption cycle" afloat hence profit.

A Resource based Economy = Abundance and efficiency.  Low turnover rate is success for humanity not companies. 

The Venus Project/RBE is very decentralized and is not ran by old outdated Systems, that being: Money, Government/Politicians.  

Fresco has a great idea, the uninformed person call it communism, but "communism" has money, government, and Politics.  So it's not communism.  Fresco brings about natural common sense to solving our human problems.  He got the idea from the human body.  He asks people in a radio interview, "Does the human body compete? Does the human body have a free enterprise? "  Obviously not.  If your body competed against itself, then you die, which is what we are currently seeing (resource depletion).

He also makes the point that "What is money?"  He basically explains that money is a "nothing" thing.  You can't do anything with it in the sense that is cannot directly feed or house you.  The Question is not "do we have the money"  The real ? is "do we have the resources?"  Simple logical point.  

He does not understand why the religious movement would not advocate this kind of system/movement.  "On earth as it is in heaven" is a line he points out in another interview, then asks "Do you think heaven has a monetary system? stock market? interest rates, property taxes?  So another logical view point.  

What will have to happen first, is our current system will have to fail to evolve into this new paradigm.  When will that happen? who knows, but we currently see our current system in great question due to its own shortcomings.  

I like the idea of the VP/RBE, but I don't think we are ready to handle this kind of change, plus the money masters would never let this happen, but then again nothing lasts forever. So who knows.  A money system is great but it is not being used to serve humanity.  We are always in a transition phase.  Old systems cannot fix future problems.  Don't look for this to happen anytime soon.  

You can check out Zeitgeist.com and find out more.  Plenty of PDF files to read and videos.  

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