Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

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Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

 Dr. Martenson,

Seeing how you have a Ph.D. in pathology, I wanted to ask if you could provide some professional insight into the Swine-Flu event. I read your post in the Swine Flu thread started by Sager and was hoping for an update? I live in Texas and my family is starting to get pretty worried. I would hate for my only source of information on this threat to be the Mass Media. Thanks for your time. (Dr. Peters, please chime in as well)

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Re: Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

WHO just raised the alert level to 5. Governments around the world are starting to freak out, Egypt ordering 300,000 pigs to be slaughtered, travel bans to mexico, schools being closed, Texas has banned high school sporting events, etc etc. At the present time there have been ONLY 7 CONFIRMED deaths in Mexico becuase of the new virus. 100 confirmed in the US with 1 death, a 23 month old that had existing complications. CNN interviewed a man who had the swine flu who was quarantined and he said he was feeling just fine.

I understand that the WHO needs to be cautious because its a new virus and because it is spreading rapidly. However, the mainstream media is going to give everyone a heart attack over this. I hate how they fail to report the confirmed number of deaths and keep reporting the suspected number. Either the government is understating the problem or the media is having a classic field day. Im thinking its the latter. Maybe the world has been on edge with the last year peak oil event and global deleveraging and have their nerves shot. At this point in time im not worried about this at all as the kill rate of this virus is very very low. Probably 1000's infected with 8 confirmed kills.

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Re: Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

Alex Jones show has a lot of info in it. Stuff your not hearing on the news. Like, Mexico city is a ghost town.  Even thow Alex is over the edge on a lot of things. I suggest you can still pick up many tips from doctors and history on Swine flu and how to protect yourself. I hear, that level six will be Martial law? Level 5 is almost here.

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Re: Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

I don't mean to make light of this, but the MSM and the UN and other world bodies have such little credibility, it's hard to know what to believe.  I'm surprised the UN hasn't written a letter of condemnation against the virus.  They probably did, but weren't sure what to write for an address.  I'm sure they''ve already formed a committee to formulate legislation to require future viruses to have addresses. 

The MSM only knows one thing:  ratings.  We are the product.  Advertisers are the customers.  So, no surprise knowing where they'll take this.

I am amused about one thing:  for once, something bad happens and nobody is blaming George W. Bush! 


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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

With the mainstream media controlled by the same crowd that brought us 9/11, the 'War on Terror' and the global financial crisis it's hard to be sure whether this is another one of their 'party tricks' or not. The one thing you can be sure of however is that certain companies and individuals will profit to the tune billions of $$$$ out of this whether it becomes a pandemic or not.

I suggest we follow the swine flu 'money trail' and see what names of interest appear.

Could it be the 'false flag' incident we have been expecting?

By that I mean that this 'swine flu' 'pandemic is an inside job'...  but we'll blame Mexico for it.

Well if that's the case there must be plans to invade Mexico... they at least have some oil!

The threat of a pandemic it is certainly a way of stopping any mass gatherings in their tracks. There are plenty of media reports advising citizens to avoid crowded areas.

I doubt now if many will consider taking to the streets to protest the pillaging of their financial future by Wall Street for fear of contracting swine flu.

However the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918 killed some 40 million people.

So most will tend to play it safe.

Look on the positive side... at least it has got the financial rape of the population out of the headlines!

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Re: Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

Alex Jones will stop at nothing to sell paranoia.

He is not worth trusting or believing, and anything he says should be immediately suspect.

No different than the "National Enquirer" - he is a tabloid journalist.
That said, the MSM is no better, but at least he is a "niche" journalist, and what he is selling is seriously toxic.

Pick your poison I guess, but after viewing his "Police State" and "Bohemian Grove" videos, I couldn't take him seriously even if he were right.


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Re: Request for a Swine-Flu Update from Dr. Martenson

Dr. Mercola is a solid source of good information, although he's a little too salesy and hard-core for some people.  He basically says that, so far, the swine flu is nothing to be concerned about.  Here is an in-depth article:

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