Rep. John Conyers of Detroit offered me a job

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Rep. John Conyers of Detroit offered me a job

Nice to see CM railing about Fed funny-money. I feel you, as the kids say.

I've been protesting on Capitol Hill for years. The only way you can say things like

ARREST BUSH DEPORT OBAMA on a cardboard sign on the Hill is if you live on the street,

which I do. A couple weeks ago Rep. John Conyers offered me a salaried job on his staff of 50.

He has his staff, and he chairs the Judiciary Committee, which has a significant staff. Conyers

has been in Congress about 48 years. He is the father of MLK Day, started the process that took

down Scooter Libby, and so on.

I told him I could work for him if he introduced the bill at,

which halts the illegal Fed practice of printing up money and giving it to private banks. Please call

202-225-0072  and tell them you support de-privatization of the US dollar. Please. I need a job :o)

Rick Hohensee

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