A reminder: If the site seems slow or you are having trouble loading a page...

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A reminder: If the site seems slow or you are having trouble loading a page...

...before you contact us for help, please try clearing your browser cache and restarting your browser.  If you have had repeated problems, you may wish to clear your cookies as well.  Close any extra tabs or windows that you might have open.  If you are not running the most current version of your browser, consider upgrading.  Then try again.  If that doesn't work, reboot your computer and give it one more try.

If you still have trouble and need to contact us by e-mail for help, your answers to the following items will better enable us to investigate the issue: 

  1. What is your PeakProsperity.com username?
  2. What were the exact steps taken that resulted in the issue you are having? The more specific, the better. What page were you trying to access? What were you expecting to see?  Please give us the specific URL you tried, or tell us step-by-step what you clicked and what was displayed.
  3. Can you recreate the error? If there were any error messages, copy and paste the exact text in the email along with the URL of the page where you see the error. Having the exact text will help us significantly in pinpointing the problem.
  4. Have you tried using a different browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)? Have you tried using another computer or a different Internet connection? If you can please do, and let us know what the results were.
  5. What computer operating system do you use? (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, etc.)
  6. Which Internet browser are you using, and what version number (Firefox 3.0.10, Internet Explorer 7.0.5, Safari 4.0, etc.)? If your version is not the latest version, you may want to consider upgrading.
  7. Is Flash installed on your computer?
  8. Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?
  9. What type of Internet connection do you use (DSL, T1, cable, dial-up, etc.)?

If you don't provide this information in your e-mail, there is a very high likelihood that we will ask you for it before we proceed.  Some of you have caught on and are starting to do this, and we appreciate it because it saves everyone time.  Thanks!

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Re: A reminder: If the site seems slow or you are having ...

I run a 2 year old Mac desktop, OX 10, 2 Ghz Intel Core duo, 1.5 GB. 667 MHz. that automatically updates everything -It is  set to check daily.  It is true that I may have too many cookies, but 2 months ago, I purchased a new Mac laptop (top of the line)  and I still have the same slow problem with this site, on it.

Funny,  I don't seem to have as much trouble loading any other site.  I have high speed broadband.

Oh well, I'll just try to be more patient. because what I get from the CM site is worth it.  I probably need to learn more patience.

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