Reinventing Fire..Solutions for New Energy Era

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Reinventing Fire..Solutions for New Energy Era

 I love the work of Amory Lovins... 

It is a very hopeful view that we can transition out
of our "predicament"...
Last month, he released his latest Book,

Reinventing FIRE book Cover

 REINVENTING FIRE, Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

Reinventing Fire (RMI Website)    
Book at Amazon

Here is the Nov 2 Reinventing Fire Launch talk by Amory Lovins at National Geographic (26 minutes)

 He has what appears to be a really great approach to how we can kick our Oil Addiction by 2050...

Lovins view is in contrast to Dr. Martenson's recent podcast with Robert Rapier

 "...there is a lot of optimism in political and entrepreneurial circles that renewable,
alternative forms of energy (wind, solar, biofuels, etc) may be able to fill the
"energy gap" in time. How realistic are these hopes?
Not very, says Robert Rapier, energy specialist and Chief Technology Officer of Merica International...."

I would love to have Dr. Martenson interview Amory Lovins or at least point out areas where 
the specific data that Amory uses is Flawed or not...

I much prefer Lovins' worldview than Rapier's...

I'd love to believe Lovins approach is Realistic way to a future that we can Thrive in...

AND I'm aware that it may also take a "Revolution" ... perhaps a full "Occupy"
to prevent the entrenched energy companies and politicians from making
this planet uninhabitable for humans and crushing Lovins dream....


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