Reform plan raises fears of Bank secrecy

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Reform plan raises fears of Bank secrecy

The Bank of England will be able to print extra money without having legally to declare it under new plans which will heighten fears that the Government will secretly pump extra cash into the economy

OK, now it's just arrogant to what they are doing.

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Re: Reform plan raises fears of Bank secrecy

I noticed this. I have to wonder just what the plan is from the BOE and the Fed. The people running these shows aren't so dumb as to really believe that the debt will get paid off, right? Is this just flat out daylight robbery?

Without getting too conspiratorial, I acknowledge that the torch of the British Empire was pretty much handed over to America after WWII. From that point on, we have remained close allies with England, both militarily and economically. Pretty much the oldest and most prevalent reason for wars has been over resources or economics. I can't help but wonder if there isn't some plan between Britain, America and perhaps a few other close allies to wreak havoc on the entire system and then attempt to dictate the rules of the new system. There is certainly a LOT that goes on behind the scenes that we don't even get a glimpse of. I wonder just what these central bankers discuss at their secretive meetings and just what goes on between the US and Britain that we don't know about. 

I think I'm a pretty rational person and I'm a big "planner." So now I ask the rhetorical question to the Central Bankers: What is the medium / long run plan?

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Re: Reform plan raises fears of Bank secrecy

This is how I think about this issue.

Lets say Banks, people on wallstreet, tycoons, etc have 100,000 in buying power.  Lets say people on mainstreet have 100 in buying power.

The government gives wallstreet another 100,000 in buying power , as we see nothing is being given to mainstreet.

When inflation gets rolling and we hit 50% (which should not be in the too far away future).

Wallstreet will have in essence the same buying power making there lives as good in not better.  Mainstreet has half the buying power.

We are being set up for a fall while they are being set up to maintain there lives.

Solutions are abrupt and hard to stop this, but one thing we can do is to get heirloom seed, learn to grow our own food, learn to cleanse our own water, learn to keep ourselves warm. 

We have in a very unique and special time; 1) we know this situation could happen, 2) we have sometime to help ourselves (however, I believe time is running short), and 3) we still have some resources to prepare.

Best case: we have a hard time, we learn some good skills, produce some higher quality food for our families and maybe a few people laugh at us (so what)

Worst case: we are ready to help our families and communities survive.

You can preach the crash course and I think we should.  I have been.  But we need to put action behind it.  The most horrible, in my opinion, thing I could do is to know of a potential issue and have done nothing about it especially if I had options.

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