On-references in chapter 7

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On-references in chapter 7

In chapter7, in the section on banks creating money there are three on-references to things that Chris says, or implies, are to be clarified later in the Crash Course; I've been right through the Crash Course, and I can't find them.  If anyone knows what these are referring to, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where they are.


I've capitalised the specific on-references; they are:


At 52 seconds With reference to the first $1000, Chris says: "Leaving aside FOR NOW where this money comes from..."


 At 1m 20s, with reference to banks being able to lend out 90% of deposits, Chris says: "...although WE'LL SEE LATER ON, that the actual proportion is much closer to 100%..."


At 3m 04s, with reference to borrowers defaulting, Chris says:  "As long as nobody defaults on their loan; now, if and when that happens, things get tricky, AND THAT'S ANOTHER STORY FOR LATER."


These all sound important, and I'd love to find out about them!


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