Recycling and who is doing it.

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Recycling and who is doing it.

In my city the public works people offer free recycling barrels for aluminum cans plastic bottles and the like. I have been separating this material and recycling in the city bins for years. It does save the environment a little bit and the city gets a little money for it. Alternatively, if you wish to further separate all the material and take it down to the recycling center (privately owned) you will be payed for the aluminum cans and plastic material.

Now what is interesting about this is that about a year ago at the recycling center you generally saw only older vehicles or perhaps some other means to convey the aluminum scrap for recycling. I just drove by the center today and what struck  me was the large number people waiting to recycle and the significant number of newer cars at the place. It left me wondering if perhaps these folks were recently unemployed and are now trying to find anyway to get cash to make their payments (or buy food).

Odd times indeed.




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Re: Recycling and who is doing it.

In my area, many non-profits are now actively operating recycling drives for everything from supporting community gardens, to scouts, to school band programs, to athletic booster clubs.  As donations and funding sources have dropped considerably, non-profits are trying to stay vital and meet their goals one bottle and can at a time.

Recycling is no longer novel or something one does to help the planet, it is a line of income on a profit and loss statement.

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Re: Recycling and who is doing it.

 Some here are hauling  in old farm machines, old cars and such to get money from the salvage yards . It is cleaning up the highways and ditches.   Used to be that you paid some one to come haul it off now you can get $90  a ton .

  I would be taking a guess that the blood and plasma banks were about full now   from people needing cash .

   And the recycled houses!!!   I am thinking on taking advantage of this to get the materials to add on to my own home .   I have always felt it is a good thing to profit from other peoples second hand goodies.  Why pay full price for anything ?  

   Some people used to brag about how much money they spent on an item or a trip  .. now it is the trend to see what a bargain you can find . My son bought a nice suit at the thrift shop for $9 .. said "Mom I hope no one died and left this here."    He won  at the County level and went on to state .  Wore it to prom .. no one knew the difference.   Now you have a hard time finding bargains as the thrift shops are pretty picked over .Sign of the times, I'd say .

   Maybe , just maybe the landfills are seeing less waste.  Being good stewards is a good thing .

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Re: Recycling and who is doing it.

Here in my county (I'm in the Netherlands, Europe) we seperate 3 groups of waste: paper/cardboard, garden/food/whatever copostable and "the rest" (which includes tin cans and plastic). Our local school collects the paper and gets a couple of cents per kilo, the county picks up the rest. The green stuff gets recycled into compost, the "rest" is going into the recycling plant nearby. Big stuff (home improvement, old furniture) you need to haul over to the yard yourself (and pay for the joy of leaving it there) and sort out in place yourself.

I visited the recycling plant a couple of months ago and was truly impressed. From "the rest" they automagically sort out the metals, plastics, large pieces of wood, etcetera. There is not much that ends up not recycled!

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