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Quota on images

I am hoping to get some directions here on how to delete stored images. 

Last night I was attempting to make a new post that included images.  I recieve a message along the line of "500kB quote reached."  But when I tried to delete older or unsed images that I had previously uploaded, to make more space, I could not. 

Is it not allowed to delete images, or, I am missing something here?

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Re: Quota on images


We do not allow the images to be deleted.  Once an image is attached to a post, we want to continue to have the picture displayed.  If we allow the deleting of images, posts will lose their context for future readers.  To allow a bit more flexibility for you and others, I have adjusted the quota to 750KB. 

I would recommend creating your images with a higher compression before posting them to the site, or upgrading to an enrolled membership which has a significantly higher quota level.


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