QUESTION: Comparing World GDP/Debt Ratios

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QUESTION: Comparing World GDP/Debt Ratios

Been wrestling with something for awhile which would appreciate assistance on. 


A key principle in the Crash Course is Ratio of Debt to GDP which historical data is shown for the USA. 


Since were dealing with worldwide events impacting us in multiple ways (Stronger/Weaker Countries, Currency Changes, which countries are being more/less financially responsible, commodities, etc.)...having and comparing this information historically and real-time seems reasonable for situational awareness in these dynamic times.   Did a few google searches and information access sites was disappointing.   Right now...the more I strategically look at our situation, this data should objectively shed light medium and longer term of what is and more importantly will unfold versus more subjective perceptions and emotions. 

Where can I access information on GDP/Debt ratios (historical and real-time) to compare leading world countries? 


I fail to understand why this isn't a key tenet of information...critical now and possibly even more in the future.   If it is...can this be added to this site?


Please educate me if I'm off-base and why (won't be the first or last time).  If not and others agree...where can this be accessed or again added to this site?   




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Re: QUESTION: Comparing World GDP/Debt Ratios

I really like the debt clock on this site, although much of the rest of the site is, well, a bit overly optimistic. Although it doesn't clock world economies other than the U.S. in real time.


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