question about SHTF scenario in Eastern Europe

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question about SHTF scenario in Eastern Europe

My wife is from Romania.  We had an interesting discussion last night, where she pointed out some things which now convince me that they are amongst the most "collapse ready" societies in the world:  most Romanians carry no debt, keep most of their savings in cash hidden in their homes, don't use plastic, don't use cheques, are very very self sufficient.  Extremely agrarian, everyone has small gardens or at least knows many people who do.  Recently experienced all forms of SHTF, hyperinflation, dictatorship, banks collapsing/taking off with the money.  While this has made life harder for them, the fact that it is in their recent memory makes them very ready for the worst.  Dishonest utility companies have made people extremely electricity independant, many are able to live with little or no electricity.

You can argue that primitive practices like keeping money hidden in boxes makes them prone to fire, robbery, etc, but the point I make is that they are not a highly leveraged society- in fact not at all, they don't know what credit is, don't live beyond their means.

Also: There are virtually no guns, it is against their culture.  They are getting increasingly wire- high speed internet, access to information is at their fingertips.  Walmart style, Chinese made superbargain stores (interestingly, they are mostly German owned) are popping up- although people are starting to buy junk they don't need, it is very restrained, simply put, when money is tight, you don't fall for these ridiculous sales pitches, and you see the difference between quality made workmanship vs plastic, unrepairable crap.  And they do have a strong culture of making stuff last for years.

They have a long history of political corruption, it is still very bad....if anything, this will be their undoing.  Same for neighbouring countries, Ukraine especially seems to always be teetering on the brink.   

So my question is this- given this unique (at least unique to North Americans) backdrop, it seems they could handle collapse quite well.  (Case in point, when Russia was pinching off the gas supply to all of Eastern Europe for some political maneouver last year, most Romanians did not even notice.)  Does anyone have other points of view?  Am I missing something?  I am not suggesting we all pick up and move there- only noting that much of the world marches to the beat of a different drum.

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Re: question about SHTF scenario in Eastern Europe

Well. Romanian women like Czech women are very attractive so maybe its not a bad idea to pick up and move.Wink

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Re: question about SHTF scenario in Eastern Europe

The relevance of this to me is that I think large swaths of American society will (assuming some sort of SHTF) pretty quickly jump into -- for the purposes of this discussion -- Romanian mode.  Reuse, cash-on-hand, no more purchase of Needless Stuff.  Certainly, in a hard crash scenario, there will be plenty of bad actors and ugly doings.  But I can't be the only one who had a Dad that grew up in the Depression, or a Mom that attended a primary school with a dirt floor and all six grades in the same room (and whose family only got electric light right around the time she was born). 

IF -- and it's a big if -- there is a hard crash, folks will revert to old ways quick as a wink, IMO.  They might not like it, but neccessity is the mother of yepyepyep....

Viva -- Sager

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