question about border crossings/policies when SHTF

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question about border crossings/policies when SHTF

I realize that collapse scenarios are not always pandemonius or marked by a clear signal that things are definitely not business as usual- but presuming that it is,  does anyone have any knowledgeable insight on what is expected at border crossings and ports/airports, particularly US/Canadian and US/Mexico borders?  Any historical precedents worthy of comparison?  I live in Windsor, right across the river from Detroit.

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Re: question about border crossings/policies when SHTF

Yes. When things finally collapse here in the US there will be a swell of Americans hitting the Mexican border to look for jobs. Smile

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Re: question about border crossings/policies when SHTF

For a while after TSHTF, the border will most likely be closed unless you have documented business in that Country, and or a pass from a high official.  If you need to cross, I suggest you find an alternate route, lot’s of holes exist, just ask those guys standing in the corner of the Home Depo parking lot on Saturday, they should be able to help you out with plan B.

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Re: question about border crossings/policies when SHTF

Not sure how bad it may get, but my wife and I travel to Canada every summer and the last few years it has become increasingly more unpleasant - arbitrary high handed attitudes on both sides of the border. Two friends that have property in the US have been refused entry from Canada for little apparent reason. One fellow (successful retired business man) had a money belt with $9,000 in it and was accused of money laundering and sent home and told not to come back for at least 6 months.

My guess is that it will only get worse.



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