The purpose and structure of this forum

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The purpose and structure of this forum

Our number one goal at is to spread the messages of the Crash Course far and wide. We need to make these issues a topic of national attention, and that means getting the Crash Course in front of millions of people across America and around the world.

Our online community is our most valuable asset, and is best equipped to help make this happen. So this forum area has been created to allow everyone to share ideas for how they plan to spread the word in their communities, or have already done so.

Here's how this will work: Everyone is welcome to post messages in this forum, sharing their ideas for how to spread our message. That could be anything from holding Crash Course viewing parties to giving out Crash Course DVDs at charity events. We need everyone's creativity to figure out the best ways to spread our message.

Our Martenson Brigade volunteers will monitor this forum area closely, and will select the best and brightest ideas, then combine them together into a "Best of..." post that will be made sticky (i.e. kept at the top of the list). That way, newcomers will be able to quickly see some of the best ideas that have been posted here in a "one stop shopping" format. This "best of" post will be updated by the Martenson Brigade volunteers from time to time, in order to keep in current.

So let's hear your ideas! Our goal is to have at least five million people watch the Crash Course in 2009, and we need your help to make that dream a reality.

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Re: The purpose and structure of this forum

Participants in this site might want to write to the producers of independent news programs of their choice to suggest an interview with Chris. I did this with Democracy Now about two weeks ago. Whether the choice of program would be of the liking of Chris or yours is a pending issue, but I thought that some airtime anywhere wouldn't hurt.

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Re: The purpose and structure of this forum

May I suggest that all of us with commercial websites offer a free link on our websites to the CM crash course? ... and that Erik you provide such a link for us to pick up and add to our site.

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