Protect your gas?

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Protect your gas?

I know they are not fool-proof but I'm ordering some locking gas caps for my cars today. Hopefully any potential gas theives will move on to an easier target.

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definitely a good idea

Gas theft is becoming an increasing reality.  We're away on a long trip in a vehicle with a large capacity, unlocked gas tank.  I parked it so the gas cap is visible from the lobby of the hotel.  It's getting a locking gas cap when we return.

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I don't think gas caps are

I don't think gas caps are going to protect your gas.  Thieves cut the lines under your vehicle, where it's dark and out of sight.  Perhaps a stickied motion light mounted under your vehicle will help.  You'd have to mount the light every night that you're away from home tho.   Just a thought.

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Locking Gas Cap, Catalytic Converter Protector

The vehicle I drive has a non-locking gas door. From the factory, the gas cap hangs by a plastic strap. I remember parking it right next to an identical vehicle driven by a friend one night, and coming back, her gas cap had been cut and stolen. (Mine was fine, still.)

I now have a locking gas cap. Even if I don't have a locking gas door, it helps.

I've been thinking about getting something (liike the Cat Clamp) to protect my catalytic converter - but won't it cause a thief to just slash your tires in anger?


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Newer vehicles are siphon

Newer vehicles are siphon proof due to baffles. They'll often punch a hole in the tank or cut the lines to get gas. Even if my vehicle could be siphoned, I'd rather lose the gas than have to pay my deductible. So no locking gas tank for me.

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Poet wrote: I've been
Poet wrote:

I've been thinking about getting something (liike the Cat Clamp) to protect my catalytic converter 

I just looked this item up on the internet, as it sounded like a good idea, but they are trying to rip off us Brits again. In the USA this item is $149, but in the UK it is £199, or $300.40 at today's exchange rate.

Silly people. I think, I will take my chances.

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