Promoting local food security... it can be done!

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Promoting local food security... it can be done!

This is a website here in Australia I have been assisting to put together. (still under construction and LOTS more to do!)

The Community Harvest Project was started by just two women a couple of years ago. - The history of how it all began is here

It covers almost everything you can imagine concerning local food production, including subjects such as permaculture and transistion towns... and lots more.

I would suggest if people would like to set up something similar in their own region to definately go for it.

Plenty of ideas and concepts in the site for others to utilise in their own communities... anywhere on the planet.

Start a local group of your own, set up a website and do it! Laughing

Working Bee!

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Re: Promoting local food security... it can be done!

Rowmat, thanks for starting this thread.  Promoting local food security, beyond my own personal efforts for my family, is a "next step" I feel I should take.  It helps to see others doing it, and to gain courage from their example.  Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Promoting local food security... it can be done!

incredible, you only started in July 2008! You've come a long way baby...

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Re: Promoting local food security... it can be done!

Yes, let's give it a go! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Community movements are growing in popularity and spread. For the record, here's the website of my local group:


COGS has been around since 1977 and is more popular now than ever. We have waiting lists for most of our gardens, and are establishing new ones. It is most encouraging to report that our government now officially supports the establishment of community gardens in the national capital.

Looking good!

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