Privacy+Internet+Anonymous retrieval of Prescription medication is possible!

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Privacy+Internet+Anonymous retrieval of Prescription medication is possible!

So this is how it works.

The doctor who needs your prescription information will have a printer that can print out scratch outs like you find in the state lottery. The doctor does not have right to scratch it out to find out what it says, but you do. It is the code sequence that will be used to access your online prescription medication list. The medication list is not crossed referenced with any personal information so hackers do not know whose medication it is. Then it is scratched the next time the doctor needs your prescription information then it is typed in. The code changes, and you must get a new scratch out at that doctor. Delivering it by mail or email defeats the purpose of this system. That is why scratch outs are used.

The only way to find out whose medication it is if a person gives away the information revealed by a scratched scratch out with knowledge of the person whose information would reveals if the code was used. You would have to physically collect the scratch in proximity to these individuals as well as identify who they are on an individual basis. You could not just hack into the computer system to get useful information. It would just be a mindless collection of prescription medication lists with absoutely no information of its owners.

In theory, if such a system works, then personal information (mark of the beast) is not necessary to access private property like your medical information, savings, credit, etc.

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