Pre-Depression Garage Sale

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Pre-Depression Garage Sale

Hi Everyone,

This morning my computer greeted me with a reminder that my property and home taxes are due. I responded to the reminder with a "Oh Sh*t".

Our business has been a little slow during the holiday period so I started the morning thinking that I will need to sell something in order to pay my taxes. The question is, what do I sell? Everything I own I consider a necessity.

I can't help to think that in the years ahead, many people will be forced to sell personal property in order to pay ever-increasing taxes. And of course, it will be a buyer's market because the sellers will greatly outnumber the buyers. So this leaves me with the thought that I better sell everything that I can bear to part with now, while the market still exists.

So I ask the question: If this was the last day that you could sell personal property to raise cash, what would you sell?

Since I won't touch my emergency cash reserves, my options include:

  • TVs, stereos, computers
  • Pop-up camper (though this is my family's tricked-out bug-out shelter, so I would rather not sell it)
  • A vehicle (no, please not my truck!)
  • Hot Tub (but moving it is going to be a real pain in the....)
  • Non-essential books, tools, kitchen appliances, etc
  • Gold and Silver Bullion (thats going to hurt)

Anyone have any better ideas? My Pre-Depression Garage Sale is going to be very Depressing!

Thanks in advanced....Jeff


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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale

I'd sell --

- my beloved Dodge Dakota

- furniture (we have a dining-room table & chair set some clients gave us as a hand-me-down that is WAY out of our league, pricewise...wouldn't kill me to use something simpler, and we also have a couch/loveseat pairing -- nice leather -- that my Mom gave us and we don't really need)

- musical equipment (both recording eqpt and our second stereo system)

- a Pilates ladder barrel which we don't really need for our biz (and which sells for over a grand when new)

Wouldn't touch the PMs, myself.

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale

Well as we did something similar in July...

Home furnishings, we all have more table lamps, plates, cups, glasses, these can go for a song (relatively speaking) I think we averaged a buck per crockery piece (go figure) and about 10 per lamp. On larger pieces (side tables. etc.) we averaged half back.

Books, DVD's computer software, while we kept most we did pawn off a few, again at a reasonable price $2-3 per DVD piece of software.

General crap, that stuff you get because it's cool, but has no purpose (i.e. "The Avenging Unicorn") goes pretty much well too.

Excess garden gear, this is the first stuff to go ours lasted exactly 2 minutes, and you can sell an 8 year old mower for $75 (when it cost $200 new). It worked, and being the lawn mower I am had been well tested, since it anything is in the way that could fit under the deck I'd mow it, including tree's, small dogs, sleeping children, etc.

Building supplies, anything you have that's not needed or excess. Sells fast, and high, we had some 8-9 boxes of laminate flooring that sold for roughly half retail.

Old appliances, we all have them old crappy TV's sitting collecting dust, someone will surely want them if they work.

PC and Telecoms gear.same as the TV's just wipe hard drives.

you'd be amazed the crap that people will buy.


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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale

I had a coupla brews with a friend of mine last week and -- as is normal for me these days -- we got to talking about the End of the Current Arrangement, i.e., the New Normal that's coming down the pike at relatively greater or lesser speed depending on your own velocity and where you happen to be standing.  I talked about how we're going to try and sell our house, downsize our lives radically, etc.  He said -- and bear in mind he's pretty much on board with the whole CC idea -- "Huh.  You're making me think I should sell my piano...while there's still a market."

If anybody remembers the news stories from Iraq circa 96-97 -- during the height of the UN Git-Saddam sanctions -- every family was out selling everything they could to get cash in hand for basics.  Silverware, family treasures, etc.  Problem was, few were buying and so the sellers were collecting pennies on the dollar.  

My wife actually said today -- and this is a radical departure for her -- "We could actually sell a lot of this stuff and I'd never miss it."  

Ebay, here I come.  And Craigslist.

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale


This is a great idea.

I checked the prices of some of the less used, older reference books I have.  Many in the $100 to 200 range, a few in the $300 range, and one was $400.  I just don't look at these anymore so I'm thinking I can sell them and buy PMs instead.  I have many, many books which I can sell.  My wife sounds thrilled at the prospect of getting rid of them.

Also, just priced an old collectible item that I have, arranged sale, and will be buying additional PM.

We have many quality kids' toys as well which have been stored in our garage.  I'd like to get rid of them too.

Have also been debating selling my 2004 WRX STi which I turned into a garage queen but can't quite part with it yet.

We have many quality kids' toys as well which have been stored in our garage.  I'd like to get rid of them. 



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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale

Oh boy, I'd LOVE to get rid of some of the really great junk I've accumulated during this lifetime.  Excess tools, excess cars (3- THREE!- 50MPG GEO Metros...), excess boats, excess motorcycles(14), excess building materials, you name it.  The saving grace in all this stuff is that most of it was bought at fire-sale prices- I'm a journeyman haggler- or picked up for free.....I'm sure I could raise tens of thousands of $$ selling off some of this stuff.  I'm also sure that if 90% of this stuff disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't even notice.  But where do I find the time to inventory and list on Ebay?  I've found garage sales to be disappointing unless you just want to give stuff away....However, as stated in Sager's post- in troubled times the folks with some discretionary cash can find some bargains.  Just make sure you have the Necessities before you load up on "luxuries".   But sorry JAG, I couldn't get much sold in one day, and I guess I'm blessed that that wouldn't ruin my life....Aloha, Steve.

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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale



Used rocker and walker. Comes with a free mother-in-law, great condition. Will deliver.

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Re: Pre-Depression Garage Sale

I have 1800 pounds of copper,is it a good time to sell.


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