Practical Impact of Dollar Collapse on Everyday Life (In the US)

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Practical Impact of Dollar Collapse on Everyday Life (In the US)

I want to start a discussion on the practical impact of a dollar collapse on everyday life (in the US).  I was talking to my wife about this last night (every once in a while she wants to know what is going on . . . which I commend her for since she knows I probably won't say anything pleasant).  Last night, she asked, "What does it mean to us if the dollar collapses."  Good question, don't you think?

In response, I asked her to think about what would happen to the price of oil if the dollar were to collapse and what that would mean to an economy already in tatters.  I would surely expect that the price of all things imported (think OIL!) would skyrocket in the event of a dollar collapse.  Since we are totally dependent on foreign oil, this could lead to shortages and rationing in short order.  Those shortages could easily extend to food and other supplies that depend on cheap shipping.  If the situation becomes as dire as it might, I think you could well see some civil unrest.  I simply do not see how our country could effectively cope with skyrocketing oil prices.

What are the other practical effects of a dollar collapse here in the US?

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Re: Practical Impact of Dollar Collapse on Everyday Life ...


Think of Germany in WW2 when their currency collapsed.  The result and impact to the standard of living, should paint a decent picture if the dollar does collapse, sorry when it will collapse.  

Voting will not help this country, Republicans vs. Democrats = Liars vs. Cheaters.  

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Re: Practical Impact of Dollar Collapse on Everyday Life ...

It will affect everyone diffently based upon what actions they took to prepare. Did they get out of FRNs? Did they educate themselves about real money vs. phony money? Did they get their nomenclature and contracts in line with their understanding to avoid expensive futue litigation? Did they put their savings into real money? Did they stock up on supplies knowing the rest of the world will take a while to catch up in their understanding and supplies will be interrupted? Do they know how to or are they willing to educate the rest of their community about real money and phony money?

It helps to use proper nomenclature when trying to enlightnen others to help them separate the issues in their minds. The talk of "dollar collapse" will invoke a patriotic, nationalistic reaction in many while "Federal Reserve Note collapse" will not and may even cause rejoicing. Which do we want to provoke - lamenting the loss of something that occured 40 years ago or the rejoicing over the end of an International fraud?

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