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Power Point

I would love this presentation in powerpoint or the raw graphs Chris utilizes.

I have spread the word to many of the friends and would enjoy breaking it down on projection for greater discussion in the class room.

Is this resource available through here? It would certainly help me promote further. 

Cheers awesome work being done here.

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Re: Power Point

 Faster than anything  would be to tick someone off at the Whitehouse  then there would be a personal invite and it would be in all the news .


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Re: Power Point

I was really forced to learn and understand this material by going to the original references Chris and other used to get their charts when I made a mini powerpoint presentation for my colleagues.  The data is always evolving too, but the conclusions don't seem to change; the future will be different!

Search for powerpoint presentation at theoildrum.com for some slides on peak oil.


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Re: Power Point

I made a PowerPoint on just the Key Concepts of the Crash Course.  I would be glad to share it if anyone is interested. 

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re power point

 Hi Dotty Clark

I would like to have a copy of your power point if you dont mind.


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Powerpoint Presentation

Hi Dotty,

I too would love to have a look at your Powerpoint presentation if you don't mind. I'm looking for information to use in discussions etc. with people I know.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help the other way.



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 Dotty ,


 I would also like a copy of the powerpoint..please let me know how to acquire.


                       Thanks,   Carlton

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Ditto the PowerPoint

 Would be great to have a copy; could then add in what I've been collecting.

For those who have lots of time to explore the original sources, more power to them!  


Best, Christian

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Power Point of Crash Course



If your power point is still avaiable I would love to have a copy.  I need to sit down with family members and run through the basic concepts.



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I am, Dottie! Please share?

I would very much like to share these concepts with my small business roundtable group, and they've asked me to---on Tuesday!  Would really appreciate you sharing your ppt.

Thanks so much! --Kim

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