Potential Pandemic

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Potential Pandemic

Hello to the Martenson Team! My name is Jake Hansen, and I recentlyfound

your Website through a close friend from Boise, Idaho. Scouring through
the free material given, I have not been able to sleep much due to the fact
that not only "touches" each one of my concerns and thoughts, but itslams
right through them answering all of my questions with specific detail. I
must say, this is quite remarkable research!

I do have one question, however. There is little written or said
regarding a potential pandemic. Why is this so?

According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), avianinfluenza
(bird-flu) is a mere one mutation away from being air-borne from human to
human. The W.H.O. does not say "if" this mutation will occur, butthey do
say "WHEN" this mutation will occur. (They expect this to happen!)
Furthermore, the W.H.O. has said that 2/3 of the global population would
possibly die from this seeing there is not a cure.

(Side note: seeing the financial fiasco is continuing and willnot stop
until utterly wasted, then monies sent to R&D within W.H.O. or any other
pharmaceutical company would virtually stop thus limiting their resources
to find a cure. Therefore, if there was, indeed, a cure, which I assume
there is somewhere, then we still may not ever find it because we have "no
money" to find it.)

Now, we all know that this massive kill-off would be rightfullyhorrible,
but this would clearly and drastically slow down the numbers on peak oil,
global warming, lack of fresh water, et cetera?

Mother Nature has her own way of dealing with a species (humanor other)
when that particular species begins to overpopulate itself. It happens
time and time again, and examples from not only history but from nature can
be drawn to sustain this conclusion. If, then, Mother Nature does, indeed,
"wipe out," for lack of a better term, 2/3 of this world'spopulation, then
what would Dr. Martenson's ideas be regarding peak oil, financial fiascos,
environmental issues, et cetera . . . and how do we prepare for such a
potential pandemic?


Jake Hansen

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Re: Potential Pandemic

Hi Jake and welcome.

I agree that a potential pandemic is worth some discussion. It has been discussed occasionally on this website. If you key in the search term "pandemic" you will find comments where pandemic scenarios have been discussed. A really good thread to read though is one started by Dr. Christopher Peters, a surgeon who comments on this site. You can find the thread here:


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Re: Potential Pandemic

Hi Jake

Welcome to CM. 

When you think about it, CM does not cover a load of stuff that could have dire consequences.  For example, I started a thread asking why climate change is not discussed on the crash course.

The response I got (amidst starting another heated debate about whether climate change actually exists) was that it is probably too speculative, non exact, and contraversial.  I suspect too it is outside the immediate area of interest researched by CM. 

I think what he does discuss is based on facts and research related directly to the economy (all three E's directly relate to the economy).

So pandemics probably fell in to the same basket as climate change.  Chris could talk about the possibilities but may end up bogging down the crash course in a series of highly debatable, contentious issues not directly related to the economy.

Other examples could include the likelihood of a terrorist attack happening again, natural disasters frequency, a nuclear power station melt down, blah blah.  I suppose he can't cover everything.  And if he did, we would probably be even more terrified than we are now !!! 

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Re: Potential Pandemic

fxfarms, an excellent question. I think the basic preparedness items for flu pandemic are to:

1) have 3 months supply of food stored. It is expected that a global pandemic would sweep through any given locale within this timeframe, although it may come back in future months or years for a second pass.

2) understand flu symptoms and treatment protocols (e.g quarantine,  retroviral etc). Also, dealing with dead bodies.

3) community preparedness.

There are some good 'pandemic flu' citizen briefings online - I'll post a link when I can fish the printed copy I have out of my files. You can keep up to date with pandemic flu chat at www.flutrackers.com.


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Re: Potential Pandemic

Thank you, ALL, for your wonderful replies.  I respect each of your comments, and appreciate the additional links and research. 

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Re: Potential Pandemic

Thank you, Amanda V, for your comments.  Please know I say this with caution because the written word can, indeed, be understood in different terms that is was intended to be understood.  Nonetheless, I'll do my best . . .

Perhaps the main difference between climate change/global warming and a pandemic, terrorist attack, major natural disaster such as tsuamis, larger-sized hurricanes, et cetera is that climate change/global warming is a much slower process. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly that we all need to be concerned with it and that we, as a human society, have somewhat shunned ourselves to the thought of being "cooked alive;" however, a terrorist attack, pandemic or hurricane can happen within days (if not hours), virtually wiping out large numbers of the world population whereas climate change/global warming takes years and years.

Could climate change/global warming begin showing dire signs to world health as we know it tomorrow?  I don't think so.  (To some degree, I answer, YES. Global warming is currently destroying out planet and IT IS doing on a daily basis, but the current circumstances of the "change" in climate are not as drastic as say . . . ) Would a terrorist attack, another one of your thoughts, wipe out major pockets of world population and throw the order of things into complete chaos by tomorrow?  Yes, this could happen.

Perhaps this is why your climate change discussion has not brought on additional comments by Dr. Martenson and his team.

On the other hand, I could be WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wrong.

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