Possible Solution To Broken Governance

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Possible Solution To Broken Governance

 If we agree our leaders and government(s) are part of the problem, consider the proposal below.   


Only bringing out our best human virtues, morals and principles will we mitigate this crisis and instill enduring solutions. 

The US Constitution, Declaration Of Independence and Washington's Farewell Address To The People come closest in all my readings in over 4 decades.   Note...Washington, Madison, Adams, Jefferson, and Hamilton's...plus several prominent other founding fathers held the view of dangerous consequences of irresponsible credit.   Prophetic?

Instead of talk...how about real solutions.  In that light, offer one restoring true accountability and transparency (and thus power) back to the people...which is what a true Democracy is.

This proposed concept I describe as Voter Empowerment for Government Accountability or VEGA.

It is something I've been working on for almost a year.  It has the interest of some in our local media and others locally where I live.

 It's principles...

  • Promotes Human Virtues and Individual Empowerment. Further strengthens and guarantees of individual liberties.
  • Improved Governance Principles.  True Oversight/Accountability of all Government Functions at all levels by Voters.
  • Institutes/ Process Of Learning And Improvement.  Strengthens leadership/management checks and balances.

For those who aren't aware, have over 30 years experience in Federal Service, including multiple projects that went to and are still at the high levels of US legislative and executive branches.  So have experienced many problems of government.

If there's enough interest here looking for solutions...could post a paper wrote and gave to candidates of how the concept of VEGA would work.  Also a second paper outlining in more specifics, how VEGA might work toward solving any issue.  FWIW...told by a high operative in one camp I made a lasting, positive impression on the candidate...obliquely referenced it in a speech (I believe a trial balloon?).  

BTW...live in Iowa (Land Of Political Purgatory every 4 years).

Anyone out there interested in...or at least open toward exploring solutions?



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Re: Possible Solution To Broken Governance


I would be interested in seeing your proposals. You are welcome to email me if you don't want to post it here.

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Re: Possible Solution To Broken Governance

Ditto that.

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Re: Possible Solution To Broken Governance

Me too.


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Re: Possible Solution To Broken Governance

Me too.

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