Platinum-Gold-Silver price ratio: What to buy & when.

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Platinum-Gold-Silver price ratio: What to buy & when.

Just checked ; earlier today gold touched $700/ounce but is currently selling for $720, silver is around $9.80, while platinum is selling for $900/ounce.

 No doubt having a certain percentage in physical possession of bullion is a hedge against inflation & a prudent step in these uncertain times. That said, I thought the following article was very interesting & informative:

 Regardless of your thoughts about gold (which are typically bullish on this site's forums) , it's always worth listening to & considering counter opinions.

 At any rate, the real reason for this post is this: while I understand that gold & silver are the metals people typically invest in, I'd be interested to hear educated opinions regarding platinum as a longterm investment--it's price has really been whacked!!

  Historically, what is the price ratios between gold & platinum, or is it not as important a factor to consider as one would, say, the gold/silver price ratio?


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Re: Platinum-Gold-Silver price ratio: What to buy & when.

Gold is great, but it is not for everyone. Consider bullion coins as part of your emergency cash supply, but do not put everything you own into it, maintain some balance. While I am a gold bug, I agree with the Bloomberg article that gold is a multi-decade hold, and is not for speculation. Land has been far better as an inflation hedge, and can support some production (food), where you cannot eat your gold in a crisis. I am not saying do not buy gold, just consider more than the hype, the reality is gold is part of a good plan, not the whole plan. :)

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Re: Platinum-Gold-Silver price ratio: What to buy & when.

Here's an interesting article by Christopher Laird from Financial Sense University, "What's going on with gold, gold stocks, Euro and USD", at .  He gives his view on what is really going on with them, why we're seeing the kinds of movements we're seeing, and what forces he thinks are pushing them up or down.  He also gives his projections on where they are headed.  Good stuff!


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