Plateau Oil Vs. Peak Oil

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Plateau Oil Vs. Peak Oil

I recently had an investment banker who specializes in Energy investments (particuliarly in the oil field) come on the show and introduce the term 'Plateau Oil'. Although my guest, Steve Crower, was quite firmly in the Peak Oil camp, he now comes out and says that we may have a stagnant plateau that may last a few years before a decline in oil production ensues. He states two reasons:

1. New technology's that can squeeze out small efficiencies and can take advantage of new methods. This may increase an existing oil field by 1-2%, but even a small amount is significant

2. New oil fields arising from the Bakken Oil Shale and others that are now coming on-line

I think that some of the ideas brought up were important for those interested in Peak Oil and would be worth a listen. You may disagree with Steve's analysis but you he brings to the table the analysis being kicked around by the investment community.

Rick Cick and Click 'Save As' To download the podcast

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