Plastic cash

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Plastic cash

In the US when we say, “Do you take plastic?” we mean credit cards. Well, in Canada they’ve started using plastic cash! Polymer if you want to be technical. The $100 bill has two windows you can see through! Have any Canadian members seen this yet? I hope they keep the old printing presses for paper. Otherwise shortages from peak oil could lead to literal shortages in cash! FACE

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If I was a counterfeiter I’d just switch careers and steal it.


PS – Can anyone tell me the code to embed photos and static images?


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plastic money

Australia has been using polymer banknotes for many years....

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ejanea wrote:

Australia has been using polymer banknotes for many years....

Since 1968 in fact......  see I told you Aussies are full of good ideas!

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Plastic cash

Typo: we've had ploymer notes since 1988, not 68.

The Royal Australian Mint prints notes for a variety of other countries; I wonder if Canada has contracted out the printing of their new notes to us, or has licensed the technology?

There were some teething troubles. Perhaps 10 years ago someone was idly playing with a $10 note one day and found that the ink could be scraped off, leaving a clear piece of plastic. Those notes were hastily withdrawn, the chemistry rejigged, and a new issue made.

Polymer notes seem impossible to counterfeit. I haven't of a single counterfeiting attempt for longer than I can remember.

The main disadvantage of polymer notes is that it can be difficult to get creases out, but this isn't a real issue. I have washed some and they survive intact. I haven't gone at one with an iron yet: our lowest denomination is $5, so I may start with one of those!

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polymer currency

Many countries are following the steps of usa and australia and keen on launching polymer notes. It will be in good condition compared to paper notes which get torn due to multiple transaction.


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