Plan "B" Gold Standard Guess Again

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Plan "B" Gold Standard Guess Again


How much gold is in Fort Knox?


There is no gold at Fort Knox. When Ronald Regan was President he assigned a committee called the "Gold Committee" to investigate this matter. The results was staggering. There is no gold at Fort Knox. It is being held by the Federal Reserve Bank (which is privately owned by international bankers) as collateral for America's debt. This explains why there has been no audits of Fort Knox. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS DO NOT WANT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC TO KNOW THIS. Do you know there was a time in American history when it was illegal to have gold coins? Did you know Americans were required to turn in their gold coins to the federal government for $20.00 an ounce? This gold was melted down and sold to foreign companies and countries for $35.00 an ounce while it was illegal for Americans to buy any gold from Fort Knox. This is and was the biggest robbery of monies ever from the American people.

I was surprised to learn that the contents of Ft. Knox are actually an asset on the balance sheet of a privately owned corporation and banking entity. That’s right, the Fed owns the gold. The U.S. Treasury is holding the gold for the Fed, not necessarily for U.S. citizens. Both the Fed and the Treasury are on the line if the gold is gone. U.S. citizens will be the losers. The “faith and confidence” behind the global money we issue will.

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