Plan B (Davos Leaving)

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Plan B (Davos Leaving)

Hi All,

Now that Davos is quitting the DD we all will miss the daily update of our [not per se their] view of the world.

Do we have a plan B?

A suggestion (also to CM):

Is it possible that an automatic (Empty) DD is created to which we all can attach our findings of that day? Other work-around for this is one (!) forum topic titled the specific date for that specific date.

Kind regards,



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Re: Plan B (Davos Leaving)


not only is there a Plan B, but I announced it at the bottom of my post about Davos' departure.  The DD will continue!

Thank you for the opportunity to raise the issue again in a spot all its own. 

Here it is:

With that said, I want to announce that we will now open up the Daily Digest to a wider perspective.  Davos would not have been able to do what he does without the many helpful links that readers provide on a daily basis.  We’d now like to take your help and voices to the next level, and turn the Daily Digest into a community wide Daily Digest, where everyone can share data, tips and links.

We have set up a new email account: [email protected], where you can send the links you want to share, 24/7.  When you write us, please include the direct link, as well as the snippet of text you would like posted with it.  All links are subject to editorial review, but we hope to turn the Daily Digest into the ideal potluck supper, with a tasty banquet of perspectives and findings to share among the community at large.

Or, if you think you'd like to step up and run the Digest for a day (or more) of the week, drop me a line and we can talk.  It represents a chance to reach thousands of readers every day with your unique information discoveries.

Please join me in wishing Davos the best of luck as he heads off onto the next part of his journey.  And with that, please join us in making the new Daily Digest the exciting prism it can be. 

Write us anytime at [email protected].

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