A Piece of Cornbread and a Sweet Potato

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A Piece of Cornbread and a Sweet Potato

A while back some members were discussing the dilemma of what to do about the fact that they prepared for the storm ahead of us and whether you would help others who had not.

This reminded me of a story by a friend of mine's father.  You see, he grew up as we call it in the South "dirt poor."  That's about as poor as it gets besides being homeless.  It was during the Depression, and people would come by passing through but had no food.  My friend's family had more so they would give these poor souls a piece of cornbread and a sweet potato and let them sleep in the barn.

I don't think Peak Oil is just an econimic event.  I believe it is far more.   I believe that we survive it or not by what kind of society we become.  Do we continue our greed and self-gratification or do we transform into a society where people are concerned about others as much as themselves or care even more.  It is either a religious, spiritual, or Darwinistic test of whether we deserve to continue on this small planet.

Best wishes to all during this Thanksgiving holiday.


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Re: A Piece of Cornbread and a Sweet Potato

Thanks for that ewilkerson


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Re: A Piece of Cornbread and a Sweet Potato

Hard times bring out real character, for both heroes and villains.  I sure hope  I can be strong enough to be generous. 

Reminds me that during the Depression, my Dad was assistant D.A. in a small town and got paid only in potatoes--he slept at the courthouse--and my mom was a teacher at a mining camp and got paid in chickens..........They had wonderful stories of the kindness and cruelty of strangers in those years, and of the importance of family and sticking together.  They also had an appreciation for the integrity of their friends.

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