Physical Gold Bullion held outside the U.S.

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Physical Gold Bullion held outside the U.S.

I work for Bullion Management group in Canada. We have been around
for over 6 years and have a fund that used to be called the Millenium
Bullion Fund. It is now simply the BMG BullionFund. We can now offer
fully allocated and segregated Physical gold bars that we can hold and
store and insure for you in Canada. Protect your wealth and get money
into physical bullion held outside the US. We only do 32 oz, 100 oz,
400 oz bars. Higher net worth individuals need to store your bullion
away from government confiscation's reach. Reply to this if you are
interested and I can get in touch with you. This is not a scam. We are
having a webinar on December 10th and Chris Martenson is the speaker.

Let me know if you are interested.


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Re: Physical Gold Bullion held outside the U.S.

I agree with JRogan,  People need to store their wealth in physical PM offshore. 

There are many Bullion Banks in the word today to choose from.  The best ones are the privately owned Bullion Banks.   Anglo Far East Bullion Company is the third largest private bullion bank in the world and the owner and founder's family has been in the gold business for the last 100 years: 

When you visit the link, the first thing you'll notice on the home page is Chris Martenson's CRASH COURSE embedded in the top right had corner of their site.

Contact me if you have any additional queries.  [email protected] 

Per Chris Martenson's message on this site, NOW is the time to act.  Don't wait until it is too late.

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Gold Bullion

that is a great work man keep it up if we store our welth in physical then it is good for our future .

Thanks for the great reading, we buy gold bullion in a recession. I will pass this on to our ira clients to read

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Re: Physical Gold Bullion held outside the U.S.

Hello Jrogan,

Thanks for the announcement, I am very interested and would like to hear the webinar.  The Canadian idea appeals greatly to me as it is out of the country, but still next door.  Please let me know how I can gather more info on your company.   

Thank you for the info KKPSTEIN and goldcoinsgain.  My thoughts are that gold will drop to under $1,000 (USD) before making another big run that will top $1,100.  I sold some gold at $1050 and think a window of opportunity is coming our way in the next couple of weeks in the form of relatively low gold prices.  I'd sure appreciate hearing what you guys think.


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