The Perturbational Path of Human Civilization

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The Perturbational Path of Human Civilization

Using perturbation theory to analyze the future path of our global society:


Can you sense that? It is a perturbation in the forces of human civilization.

It is the feeling you get when events around the world are unfolding in a certain direction, but you are uncertain exactly how they will unfold or exactly where they will finally leave us. That is the nature of complex, dynamic systems, and more systemic complexity usually means less certainty.

Perturbation theory is commonly used by physicists to describe the behavior of complex physical systems that involve equations which cannot be solved exactly. Take the movement of planets in our solar system and through our galaxy, for example, which, at first, may seem relatively simple to predict.

In reality, the existence of multiple planets and moons with inter-acting gravitational effects make the necessary calculations extremely complex and render exact predictions of planetary paths through space-time impossible. Instead, astronomers attempting to predict the path of planet Earth would first start with the gravitational effect of the Sun, as it is the body with the largest gravitational influence.

Full piece - The Perturbational Path of Human Civilization

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