Perry Quits Race, Gingrich's 2nd ex-wife's revelations tonight likely to severely damage his campaign...

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Perry Quits Race, Gingrich's 2nd ex-wife's revelations tonight likely to severely damage his campaign...

Perry Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Gingrich Scandal Could Hand Ron Paul Shock Second Place Finish

And the drama continues. I knew Perry was running on fumes. Was surprised he was still aorund this week. The Neocons tried to push him tothe top at first but he just shot himself in the foot one too many times.

As far as Gingrich is concerned, that guy has so many skeletons in his closet it's amazing anybody thought he was a legitimate candidate. In between corruption, insider loddying, multiple infedilities, flip-flopoing on major issues and his controversial and disgraceful departure from previously held office it was just a matter of time. If the Republicans did not flush this out the Obama campaign sure would have had a field day with Newt.  

Interesting to see what the debate looks like tonight with only four candidates left. I wonder if it will be less biased and partial than the Fox debate earlier this week. 


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    Thanks for the info. I



Thanks for the info. I try not to pay too much attention to the puppets and focus more on the puppet masters and their tools (fed res, goldman sachs, EU, ECB, etc.)


I'm a northerner living in the South and wonder how Mitt can carry the south or if its necesarry to win the GOP. I like Ron P the most even though I believe politics/gov is so broken it doesn't matter.

I'm really curious if Ron P and become a real factor.


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Good old Nate Silver...

...over at (don't let the NYT address fool you -- he was nailing his predictions during the '08 campaign at his own independent website) has these projections for tonight's SC primary:

Percentage of the vote:

Gingrich:  38.7%

Romney:  29.3%

Paul:  15.6%

Santorum:  13.9%

Chance to win the primary:

Gingrich:  87%

Romney:  13%

Paul:  0%

Santorum:  0%


Make of it what you will.

Viva -- Sager

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electorial votes

   Things are looking a lot better ...  As for Santorum and Gingrich  ... if they can not run a campaign  can they run a country ?    Or is something off on this report ?? 


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