Periodic Table Adds Two New Elements

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Periodic Table Adds Two New Elements

They exist for only seconds at most in real life, but they have gained immortality in chemistry: two new elements have been added to the periodic table.

The elements were recognized by an international committee of chemists and physicists. For now, they are called Elements 114 and 116 — permanent names and symbols will be chosen later.

In contrast to more familiar elements like carbon, gold and tin, the new ones are short-lived. Atoms of 114 disintegrate within a few seconds, while 116 disappears in a fraction of a second, Dr. Moody said.

This seems strange to me. What is the hurry? A few seconds? So they don't really have a chance to study the element or know much about it but they want to hurry and add it to the list?

In the past 250 years, new elements have been added to the table about once every two and a half years on average, said Paul Karol of Carnegie Mellon University. He chaired the committee that recognized the new elements.

I'm not a scientist but this information doesn't seem accurate.

Despite the number 116, the new additions bring the total number of recognized elements to 114 — Elements 113 and 115 have not been officially accepted.

Wait a minute. When I was in school it was already at 118 elements.

Why does this article seem wonky?
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JO, Thanks for the link.  I


Thanks for the link.  I was fortunate enough to have a lab next to Ken Moody's office a few years ago.  He is a great guy - not an arrogant ass hole like so many other bright people are.  It's good to see him get some deserved recognition.


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Great news

Thanks for the link.

Super Colliders are good, we're near the new age for energy, that's why they are trying to put us in forever debt.

No more FF

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