The perfect weapon. Abundance! Lion Hearts needed, Scarecrows need not apply.

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The perfect weapon. Abundance! Lion Hearts needed, Scarecrows need not apply.

I believe that if we innoculate ourselves agianst the 'scarcity' mentality by internalising the concept of abundence, we can rock the status quo to the point of substantial change.  

In 2009 I started a thread on this forum entitled, 'America is out of control and needs to be stopped!'

In this thread many of you thrashed out the underpinnings of the aggression built into 'America Inc'.  

I that thread I put forward arguments as to why it was the duty of Americans to take to the streets in protest.

It seems the times have changed and there is now, with the help of 'Adbusters', momentum behind little dogs taking on big institutions.  

My favorite saying right now is, 'even a little dog can piss on a big building'.

In that thread Vanityfox451 suggested that if we took to the streets one force or another would take us out.  This too has come to pass.

I went on to suggest that we take to the streets armed with the power of the concept of abundance.  

This is what I wrote:


I recently did a Permaculture Design Course.  Damnthematrix has also done the course, and i wager others are on the same page.

Permaculture is the scientific study of living systems with the goal of replicating those systems to the benefit of people... my definition and i will stand corrected.  The idea is to harness all the energy entering a site and to reuse that energy, or other inputs such as rain, over and over and over and to let no waste leave the system.  The two co-developers of the system are Bill Mollison and David Holmgrem. I have meet and had good chats with both men, and they are truely awesome intellects. 

My big revelation in the course was not the individual aspects, but its application as a whole.  You can set up a permaculture farm in northern new south wales [a state of oz] and feed yourself and earn a living and have minimal inpact on the land and be drought proof and all that, and no one will bat an eye lid... why would they when they can buy potatoes for $2/kg and earn $60K as a teacher or what-not.  BUT build that same system in a community in India or Iran where your neighbours are starving and the impact is totally different... different in ways that surprise. 

Yes, the locals want to talk to you and want you to design a similar system on their property, however the real impact is political.  You see, Permaculture is about ABUNDANCE.  I have seen [photos of] systems set up in the deserts of Iran and that provide more food than the owners can eat!  Systems that have put water back into the water table for neighbours to use!  This shit is basic, it works, and it is awesome. AND IT IS THREATENING TO THE POWERS THAT BE BECAUSE IT DISRUPTS THE 'SCARCITY' THINKING OF PEOPLE, AND HENCE IT REMOVES ONE LEVEL OF CONTROL.

If we use basic Permaculture principals, that i can teach you on the web, to plant all the free space in your local area to provide free abundance of food to anyone that wants it, that will remove one layer of control... actually it will move that level of control to those that eat the food, and it will give you, as the perpetrator of this civil disobedience, a certain level of influence.


If we take to the streets, i think that vanityfox has nailed this, some force or other will stop us

Now, lets see the powers that be come in and remove all that planting, they will try!  but it wont be just your voice that shouts back!

I suggest to you now that the power of abundance only comes from true knowledge of abundance; if you live in a mental space defined by scarcity, you wont act with the power of abundance in your heart, you will be a scarecrow, the world needs you to be a lion!
Lion Training 101.
This is not going to be easy;  most things you have learned in life contrast what I am trying to show you.  
Lion Training fact 1:  
More money is spent on advertising than all other forms of education combined!  It is no wonder that we act from a space of scarcity, the system needs you to think that way to survive.  Do ads tell you that you can have what you need for free?  Do ads tell you that nature provides in abundance?  
You must get rid of all commercial influence from your life.  If you work at the behest of a corporation, you must find local employment that adds value to local lives every day.   If you get your food from a forrest and your water from a brook, you will fight to the death to preserve that brook and that forrest.  If you get your sustanance from the corperations, you will fight for them, indeed you do every day you go to work.  
You must get rid of your television.  You must stop reading news papers; I think it was Mark Twain that said, 'If you dont read news papers you are uninformed, if you do read them you are misinformed.'  [news papers are a symbol for msm]
You must do a Permaculture Design Course, or do what you can to learn the basic concepts behind how nature repairs itself.  Permaculture uses profound knowledge of how natural systems maintain and heal themselves inorder to design food systems that reinforce themselves and deliver abundence.  
You must practice these techniques until you have internalised the power of nature to provide for you.   
Fortified from within, and armed with the gift of natures bounty, we attack the system where it lives, at it's points of control.
Imagine free food.  Imagine people coming together to talk about the free food, to share it, to cook it, to celebrate it.  Communal free food... and I mean fruit, veg and protein.  There is no reason that we cannot organise free decentralised urban chicken farms where chicks are given out and then harvested.
We arm others to strip the system of layers of control by empowering individuals to live life hand to mouth.  We give people around us the ultimate gift of abundance.  We stealthily innoculate people around us with free food.  If you can eat, you are more likely to speak out, act out. Shelter will follow.  As people feel stronger in themselves, in their community, they will act out by not paying their loans, freeing themselves.  
My experience from changing cultures within corperations [I have a past too] tells me that this will happen quite quickly, the balance is finer than we often give credit.  It often doesnt take much to make a seemingly immovable institution wobble.  
It is my belief that all this will do is hold a mirror up to the other system, the violent controlling one we have come to see as 'normal'.  It is my belief that as we build free abundance, the powers that be will try to crush us.  It is all it knows to do when threatened, even with free healthy food.  All we will be doing is throwing flowers at them.... but it will be enough.







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